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2024 ILA Undergraduate Spring Research Symposium

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All ILA juniors present research proposals; ILA seniors present research results. All ILA majors are expected to join as attendees if they are able.

When & Where

We will hold the symposium on Tuesday, April 30, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

The symposium will take place in the ILA classroom, Callaway S420.

Presenters are encouraged to invite their non-ILA faculty advisors and friends to attend. 

Schedule of Presentations


Although we understand that not everyone will be able to spend that entire time at the symposium, we ask that you set aside as much time as possible to listen to your peers’ presentations as part of your required work for the semester. Presenting your own work and listening to that of others is an important part of developing as a scholar and building intellectual community, and we want to make this a meaningful experience for everybody.

Presentation Schedule

Presenters are responsible for being on time for their scheduled time slot. We will e-mail and post the presentation schedule once it has been confirmed.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the schedule, please contact Dr. Peter Wakefield or Dr. Kim Loudermilk.

Extenuating Circumstances

If you have unavoidable extenuating circumstances and are unable to attend the symposium, please alert us as soon as possible:

For juniors/IDS 390 students, please address any waiver requests to Dr. Wakefield, DUS, and Dr. Cynthia Blakeley.

For seniors, please address such request to Dr. Wakefield and your primary advisor in the ILA,.



All Presenters must upload their powerpoint slide(s) to OneDrive by Tuesday, April 16, 2024. For details or for information on uploading, please contact and/or see the email from Ayana Ward. 


Juniors in IDS 390 will continue to work on their senior thesis proposals and develop/practice their 7 minute PowerPoint presentations for the symposium.
• Questions? Contact Dr. Blakeley.


Seniors will refine their 3-minute presentations for the symposium.

Online resources for developing a 3-minute thesis are provided below. Faculty will be available for any questions/concerns/tips and practice beforehand.
• Questions? Contact Dr. Wakefield.

Resources for Seniors

 For the research symposium this year, you will each be asked to present a 3-minute thesis. Your 3-minute thesis is just that: 3 minutes! And you get ONE SLIDE! But don’t panic! It is easier than it may sound.



The 3-minute thesis was developed at the University of Queensland. Interestingly enough, it was developed during a national emergency. The idea for the Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition came about at a time when the state of Queensland was suffering severe drought. To conserve water, residents were encouraged to time their showers, and many people had a three minute egg timer fixed to the wall in their bathroom. The then Dean of the UQ Graduate School, Emeritus Professor Alan Lawson, put two and two together and the idea for the 3MT competition was born. So often great ideas come out of difficult and challenging situations!


Tips and Strategies

There are a lot of online resources that can help you develop your 3-minute thesis: We recommend the following three:

  1. The original source, from University of Queensland
  2. Guidelines for preparing the 3-minute thesis
  3. Some tips from a winner

And here are some additional resources if you are interested:

And finally, some 3-minute thesis winners!