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Business Across Boundaries

This joint concentration offers BBA students and Emory College students majoring in American Studies (AMST) or Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS), under the auspices of the ILA, cross-fertilization experiences that create connections and competencies critical to professional careers in for-profit and non-profit organizations, as well as in academia. In particular, this concentration will help students cross traditional boundaries and disciplines, to develop interdisciplinary knowledge and skills for creative, integrative analysis and problem-solving.

Program Structure

The Business Across Disciplinary Boundaries concentration is open by application to business school and Emory College students majoring in American Studies/Interdisciplinary Studies. During the junior and senior year, in addition to pursuing their own majors, students admitted to the concentration complete two core courses in the non-major program, two electives from a list of relevant choices, and one senior capstone. Additional seminars, networking events, industry speakers, and professional development opportunities augment the resourcesa available to concentration students.

Opportunities for Undergrad Students

All students have the opportunity to pursue industry-related electives drawn from business and interdisciplinary approaches. There is no program like this in the College; indeed, we believe there are few if any programs like this in the country.

Emory College students completing this concentration will:

  • Learn to bring an interdisciplinary approach to analytic thinking.
  • Acquire skills in writing and communication that integrate multiple perspectives.


Completion of the BBA degree OR Emory College degree with an IDS or AMST major AND 2 core courses in the other discipline (ILA or Business), 2 electives that enhance understanding of the field (1 of which must be from the other discipline) and one capstone course.

All of the courses required for this concentration are offered annually by the ILA and BBA programs.

2 Core (Junior Year)

  • IDS 200W: Interdisciplinary Foundations
  • IDS 205W: Science and the Nature of Evidence
  • IDS 216W or IDS 216: Visual Culture
  • IDS 220: What Does It Mean to Be Human?
  • AMST 201W: Intro to American Studies
  • or an equivalent course, upon consultation with and approval by the ILA undergraduate committee

  • OAM 330: Organization & Management
  • MKT 340: Marketing Management
  • OAM 331: Strategic Management

Students will select their electives in consultation with faculty advisors from the ILA and the BBA programs.

  • ECS 491: Ethics and Leadership

2021-22 Concentration in Business Across Boundaries Application

  1. Complete Application

    If you are currently a sophomore and interested in this concentration, you will need to apply before preregistration for the first semester of your junior year.

    Concentration in Business Across Boundaries Application

  2. Instructions for Submission

    1. Log in or create an account.
    2. Click on Start New Application.
    3. Select the year from the drop down, and then BBA Concentration from the subsequent drop-down.