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Degree Application Checklist

Your Degree Application needs the signature of the DUS, Dr. Peter Wakefield, on your Degree Tracker Summary Report certifying that you have completed the degree requirements for the AMST/IDS major.

Please follow the instructions below:

1. Make an Appointment with the DUS.

Book an appointment with the DUS by making a reservation online. For Spring graduates, this appointment should be scheduled in the Spring semester before the Early February degree application deadline. Please bring a print out of your Degree Tracker Summary Report with you to the meeting. 

2. Confirm your Checklist of Courses is up to date.

If your existing Checklist of Courses is no longer accurate, you will need to submit an updated version via the webform. For Spring graduates, this updated form needs to be submitted by January 1.

3. Complete our ILA Senior Survey.

You must complete our ILA Senior Survey before your meeting with the DUS. Submit before your meeting to be eligible to win a gift card!

4. Meet with DUS.

In your appointment with the DUS, your Degree Tracker Summary Report will be signed so you can submit it with your Degree Application.

5. Submit Degree Application.

Submit your application by the deadline: In generally in early February for graduation. For specifice dates please review the college honors website.