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Degree Application Checklist

Your Degree Application needs the signature of the DUS, Peter Wakefield, on the Course Completion Review Form certifying that you have completed the degree requirements for the AMST/IDS major.

Please follow the instructions below:

1. Make an Appointment with the DUS

Book an appointment with the DUS prior to the application deadline by making a reservation online.

2. Fill out the Course Completion Review Form before meeting with the DUS.

Detailed instructions for completing this form are on pages 5-6 of the Degree Application packet.

Before you meet with the DUS, you need to:

  • Top: Fill in the biographical data on the top of this form.
  • Part I: Please review the General Education Requirements and list courses you will be taking in your final term to satisfy General Education Requirements. Please review your Academic Advisement report thoroughly and make sure you have completed all of your academic requirements. (Note: The portion of the Degree Tracker report showing the requirements of your AMST/IDS will not reflect your concentration course requirements until it has been update by ILA staff after your Degree Application has been accepted.)
  • Part II: Indicate the courses you are taking in your final term that are required for your major/minor. The DUS must initial next to each course you are required to complete in your final term.
  • Bottom: At the bottom of the form, indicate your academic plan information. The DUS signs here after reviewing the form and your unofficial transcript.

If you have two majors or a minor, you may submit one form with both signatures or two separate forms.

3. E-mail your completed Course Completion Review Form to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator before your DUS meeting.

After you filled out the form as instructed above in step 2, e-mail the attachment to Ruqayyah Strozierbefore your meeting.

4. Complete our Senior Survey.

You must complete our Senior Survey before your meeting with the DUS.

5. If applicable, submit your Checklist of Courses via the webform.

When you submitted your Checklist of Courses via the webform, a PDF copy was automatically e-mailed to you. Please look at that PDF to make sure everything is still correct. If your existing Checklist of Courses is no longer accurate, you need to submit the correct version at least 36 hours before your appointment. Staff will save your new Checklist in your student record folder which the DUS will access during your meeting.

6. Meet with DUS.

In your appointment with the DUS, he will review your unofficial transcript against your Checklist of Courses to confirm that you have completed the major requirements. He will sign your Course Completion Review Form and return the form to you so you can submit it with your Degree Application.

7. Submit Degree Application before February 4.

Review the Degree Application packet to make sure you have all components of the OUE ECAS Senior Application completed. Follow the instructions on page 7 of the packet to submit your application February 4, 2022.