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Internship Credit

Our internship course is intended primarily for AMST or IDS majors who have identified an internship opportunity on their own. It allows students to earn academic credit for study related to work experience that is intrinsically interdisciplinary.


Students desiring interdisciplinary internship credit should schedule a meeting with the DUS as soon as possible.

In no case can an internship be established after the end of the add/drop period for any given semester. Generally, gathering all the required documents and agreements for an internship takes about two weeks, so contact the DUS early.


  • a one-page internship proposal that includes contact information for the student’s faculty and on-site supervisors, number of credits, grading option, and, importantly, an outline of the academic components of the internship—what work, in addition to showing up for work on-site, will the student do to earn academic credit (e.g. planned readings to supplement the student’s work experience; weekly or bi-weekly journals; a final paper, etc.)
  • an explicit articulation in the one-page internship proposal of the interdisciplinary nature of the internship and the academic work
  • agreement from an Emory faculty member to supervise the student’s academic work related to the internship—reading and grading any written work, meeting with the student, etc. The faculty supervisor will, in most cases, be listed on OPUS as instructor on record.
  • an email of evaluation from the on-site supervisor to be sent to the DUS and to the faculty supervisor upon completion of the internship
  • no more than 6 internship credits can be counted toward the AMST or IDS major, and any internship credits counting toward the major must be graded

Non ILA Majors

In rare cases, where an internship is particularly interdisciplinary in nature, and where a student has not been able to get support from his or her home department for an internship, the ILA will consider requests for internships from nonmajors. In such cases, in addition to the requirements above, students must find a faculty supervisor outside the ILA and must take the internship S/U.