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Crossroads Courses

Crossroads courses are team-taught by two graduate instructors approaching a specific question, issue or problem from an interdisciplinary perspective. These courses are offered in either Fall or Spring semester. They are a one credit, S/U, and allow undergraduate students the opportunity to explore topics in a unique way.

Crossroads courses are developed out of the annual Empowering Interdisciplinary Teaching & Scholarship graduate workshop hosted by the ILA.

2023-24AY Crossroads Courses

Spring 2024 
Changing Axes and Alliances in 21st Century Foreign Policy: 2003-2023

Courtney Freer, Patrick Allitt 

TA - Jalen Nixon 

Down and Dirty: Science, The Psyche, and Philosophies of Abjection 

Tirza Ben-Ezzer, Brandon Berryhill