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Story Circles

The IDEAS Fellowship uses story circles to extend the conversation engendered by a lecture or an event. Participants are asked to reflect on a question or theme, and tell a story based on their life experiences. IDEAS Fellows are often invited to serve as story circle facilitators at various campus events.

IDEAS Fellows have commented that story circles are "unquestionably some of the most meaningful, worthwhile and thought-provoking experiences... on campus." Fellows note "story circles forge points of connection where there were seemingly none, affirming the shared humanity of all of us."

Past Story Circle Prompts

  • Tell us a story about a time when you were misunderstood or misrepresented (IDEAS Week 2020 Keynote, Spring 2020)
  • Tell us a story about a time when you were educated or received an education outside of the classroom (In the first-year residence halls prior to author Tara Westover's lecture, Fall 2019)