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Prospective Majors

Become an AMST/IDS Major

Our majors are the only majors at Emory that allow students to structure their own program of study around their field(s) of interest.

AMST & IDS Majors HandbookTo become an American Studies (AMST) or Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) major, you must complete the process outlined below:

  1. Review the handbook
    This handbook details the major requirements and outlines the key points of an AMST/IDS major's academic journey.
  2. Meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)
    Schedule a meeting with the DUS via e-mail. This informational meeting answers any questions you have. You will learn about how to begin selecting courses for your Proposal and connect with faculty advisors within and beyond the ILA.
  3. Submit Declaration of Major (DOM) Form in OPUS
    This form allows you to declare a major or to remove an existing major from your student record in OPUS. Your DOM form will not be "approved" in the system until steps 4-6 are completed.
  4. Prepare your Proposal
    The faculty advisors suggested by the DUS help you select courses for your proposal. Use the guidelines and template on pages 13-14 to draft your proposal.
  5.  Submit your Proposal
    Use the webform to submit your proposal. It is routed to the ILA undergraduate committee for review. Be sure to read the guidelines for your proposal in the Handbook so that when you submit it for review, it has all the necessary components.

Submit your proposal

  • ILA Undergraduate Committee Reviews Proposal
    1. When you submit your Proposal online, you will receive a PDF copy via e-mail. A copy of your Proposal also goes to the ILA undergraduate committee for review and approval.
    2. After the ILA undergraduate committee reviews your proposal, you will receive an email notifying you of your acceptance into the major. If changes to your proposal are requested by the committee, then you will receive an e-mail noting what changes are needed. Once accepted, your DOM form is processed in OPUS and your Proposal of Courses becomes your Checklist of Courses.
    3. You are assigned a major advisor in the ILA by the ILA undergraduate committee when your Proposal is accepted. Our majors generally meet individually with their ILA major advisor at least twice each semester.