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Graduate Alumni

Although admission to the ILA's Graduate Program was suspended in 2012, we want to continue to honor the many distinguished graduates of the program. Listed here are recent dissertations, alumni accomplishments, and most recent positions held by our graduates.

If you would like to add or update information included here, please email Kim Loudermilk at

NameYearDissertation Title
Camila Aschner RestrepoSpring 2013Theatre and Politics in Latin America 1970–2010
Kwesi John DeGraft-HansonSpring 2013Commemorating Hidden Landscapes of Slavery Linked by Enslaved Africans and Their American Descendants from the Butler Plantations in Georgia
Kazumi HasegawaSpring 2013Examining the Life of Oyabe Zenichiro:The New Formation of Modern Japanese Identity at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Kira Marie WalshSpring 2013Cryptomnesia: Everything You Forgot You Didn't Know
Laura Emiko SoltisFall 2012¡Presente! Music, Mobilization, and Global Engagement: The Case of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers
Anna VandenbergFall 2012What We Can Say about Cognition in Aging: Arguments for and against Cognitive Health Promotion
Lynn TinleySummer 2012Learning and Godliness Cultivated Together, Early Eighteenth-Century Samplers from Boston, Philadelphia, and the South Carolina Low Country
Kyoko TaniguchiSpring 2011Maternal Fantasies: Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Retellings of the Yamamba Legend
Chante BakerSpring 2010Anchored in Time: The US South as a "Place" of Gendered Racial Memory in Ernest J. Gaines's Fiction
Manuel R. MontoyaSpring 2010Global Consciouness, Global Words: An Examination of World Polity as it Relates to World Literature
Robert Stewart VarnerSpring 2010Inside the Perimeter: Urban Development in Atlanta Since the 1996 Olympic Games
Folashade AlaoSpring 2009Islands of Memory: The Sea Islands, Black Women Artists, and the Promise of Home
Samuel "Zeb" BakerSpring 2009Fields of Contest: Race, Region, and College Football in the US South, 1945–1975
Michelle HiteSpring 2009Sisters, Rivals and Citizens: Venus and Serena Williams as a Case Study of American Identity
Elizabeth MilewiczSpring 2009But Is It a Library? The Contested Meanings and Changing Culture of the Academic Library
Susan ChenSummer 2009Living with "Tibet": The Local, The Translocal, and the Cultural Geography of Dharamsala
Rhea CombsSummer 2009Exceeding the Frame: Documentary Filmmaker Marlon T. Riggs as Cultural Agitator
Aukje KlugeSummer 2009A Qualitative Inquiry into Smoking Cessation: Lessons Learned from Smokers
Matthew MillerSummer 2009Bounce: Rap Music and Local Identity in New Orleans, 1980–2005
Shlomit Ritz FinkelsteinSummer 2009Adults with Tourette Syndrome
Anne SinkeySummer 2009The Rhetoric of the Manifesto
Yanique HumeFall 2008Alternative Visions of Cubanidad: Diaspora, Folklorization, and the Performance of Haitian Identities in Eastern Cuba
Philip WebbFall 2008Homeless Bodies, Homeless Minds: Myth and the American Metropolis
Steve BransfordSummer 2008Trying to Make it Real: The Documentary Imagination of American Roots Music
Ryan HaysSummer 2008Fashioning Our Own Freuds: Psychoanalysis and Religion
Charles NgugiSummer 2008Free Expression and Authority in Contest: The Evolutiion of Freedom of Expression in Kenya
Meheli SenSpring 2008Discontented Modernities: Gender, Genre, and Nation in Post-Independence Hindi Cinema
Petrina DacresSpring 2008Modern Monuments: Fashioning History and Identity in Post-Colonial Jamaica
Stacy BoydSummer 2007Black Men Worshipping: Intersecting Anxieties of Race, Gender, and Christian Embodiment
Brent CampneySummer 2007And This Is Free Kansas: Racist Violence, Black and White Resistance, Geographical Particularity, and the "Free State" Narrative in Kansas, 1865 to 1914
Gordon JonesSpring 2007Gut History: Civil War Reenacting and the Making of an American Past
Margaret McGeheeSpring 2007On Margaret Mitchell's Grave: Women Writers Imagining Atlanta, 1941–2006
Robert J. PattersonSpring 2007Many Are Invited, But Few Are Chosen: Civil Rights, Historical Memory, and the Figure of the "Chosen" One in the African American Literary Tradition, 1971–1989
Donna TrokaSpring 2007The Kings of the Midwest: An Oral History of Three Midwestern Drag King Troupes
Eddy von MuellerFall 2006The Acme Aesthetic: Violence, Visual Culture, and the Impact of the Animation on Contemporary Cinema
Stuart PattersonFall 2006A New Pattern of Life: The Public Past and Present of Two New Deal Communities
Rohit ChopraSummer 2006Mediated Visions: Technology and Nationalism in India from the Colonial Era to the Current Age
Ellen SpearsSummer 2006Toxic Knowledge: A Social History of Environmental Health in the New South's Anniston, Alabama, 1872–Present
Terry EastonSpring 2006Temporary Work, Contingent Lives: Race, Immigration, and Transformations of Daily Work, Daily Pay
Robert GoddardSpring 2006Sugar as Stranger: Sugar Monoculture and the Coming of Creole Consciousness in the Caribbean
Martin HalbertSpring 2006New Models for Research Libraries in the Digital Age
George JohnstonSpring 2006Drafting Culture: A Social History of Architectural Graphic Standards
Katherine SkinnerFall 2005That We All Be Free: Music and Social Change
Antonio de VelascoSummer 2005Claiming the Center: The Rhetoric of Political Transcendence in the Clinton Era
Emily SatterwhiteSummer 2005Locally Colored: Popular Fiction of Appalachia and Geographies of Reception
Eldon BirthwrightSpring 2005Rastafari as a Theology of Liberation: Toward a Re-Engineering of Blackspace
Steven CookSpring 2005Remembering and Forgetting Abram Kardiner: His Life and Legacy in the Show of Freud's Influence
Kent GlenzerSpring 2005Politics Is a Thing That Passes: A Historical Ethnography of Power, Democracy, and Development in the Pondori Flood Plains, Mali, c. 1818–2004
Michael HillSpring 2005New Age in the Andes: Mystical Tourism and Cosmopolitan Religious Culture in Cusco, Peru
Steven LevinSpring 2005The Capacity to Be at Home: Commodity Aesthetics and Anglophone Travel Writing of the Late Twentieth Century
Julie SexenySpring 2005Oops, I Did It Again: An Evaluation of Girl Subjectivity in Children's Films, 1989–2000
James SteffenSpring 2005A Cardiogram of the Time: Sergei Parajanov and the Politics of Nationality and Aesthetics in the Soviet Union
Lynnell ThomasSpring 2005Race and Erasure in New Orleans Tourism
Saul TobiasSpring 2005Pathos and the Human Sciences: Reading Nietzsche, Weber, and Mannheim
Angela KreiderSummer 2004To Love All That Pleases: Autobiography, Dialectic, and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1919–1939
Heidi NordbergSummer 2004Imagining the Virus: A Discourse Analysis of Contemporary Fiction
David PrattSummer 2004Fit Food for Madhouse Inmates: The German Film Invasion of 1920–1922
Jay StrakerSummer 2004The Fate of an African Revolutionary Curriculum: Forest Youth and the Cultural Production of Guinea Nationalism
Amira JarmakaniSpring 2004Disorienting America: The Legacy of Orientalist Representations of Arab Womanhood in US Popular Culture
Michael McGovernSpring 2004Unmasking the State: Developing Modern Political Subjectivities in Twentieth-Century Guinea
Miriam PettySpring 2004Doubtful Glory: 1930s Hollywood and the African American Actor as Star
Jason BreyanFall 2003Traumatic Returns: War Neurosis and American Home in 1940s Hollywood Film and Popular Culture
Francis DesiderioFall 2003Centering the City: John Portman and Private Plans for Public Space in Atlanta and Detroit
Mark NunesFall 2002Virtual Topographies: The Internet and the Spaces of Everyday Life
John RichardsonFall 2002Green Chain: Work in a Western Mill
Brant VogelFall 2002Weather Prediction in Early Modern England
Amy WoodFall 2002Spectacles of Suffering: Witnessing Lynching in the New South, 1880–1930
Edward GamarraSpring 2002Comedy and Perversion
Calinda LeeSpring 2002Gender, Race, and Class and African American Suburbanization 1837–1999
Dan MaderaSpring 2002At Home in the Tropics: American Writers in Latin America
Lisa MaderaSpring 2002The Virgin and the Volcano: Helaing Alliances in the Equadorian Andes
Krista ThompsonSpring 2002The Picturesque and the Aesthetics and Politics of Space: Jamaica and Bahamas
Robert ArjetFall 2001Gunplay: Men, Guns, and the Hollywood Action Film
Victoria HesfordFall 2001The Feminist as Lesbian Figure and the Forgetting of the Women's Movement
Angela CottenSummer 2001Alice Walker and Revolution
Jean-Marie DauplaiseSummer 2001H.D./D.H. and Textual Healing
Michelle WilkinsonSummer 2001Socio-Aesthetics of Black and Puerto Rican Arts Movements, 1962–1982
Michael KilburnSpring 2001The Czech Underground during Normalization
Evan LiebermanSpring 2001Slapstick Comedy and American Culture, 1912–1928
Sarah Jane SmithSpring 2001Madame Jeanne Guyon and Her Justifications
James "Jay" Hughes20132014, Jones Program in Ethics, Assistant Director of Fellowships and PDS Funds, Emory University
Laura Emiko Soltis20132014 Executive Director, Freedom University
Kyoko Taniguchi20112009–2010 Visiting Instructor, Asian Studies Department, Gettysburg College; 2010–2011 Visiting Assistant Professor, East Asian Studies Department, Dickinson College; 2013 Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Lehigh University
Manuel Montoya2010Assistant Professor of Global Structures, Anderson School of Management, University of New Mexico
Folashade Alao2009Post-Doctoral Fellowship, African American Studies, Rutgers University
Samuel "Zeb" Baker2009Assistant Professor, History Department, Georgia Southern
Susan Chen2009Post-Doctoral Teaching Position (one year), Gettysburg College, Department of Asian Studies; Post-Doctoral Fellowship, National Chiao-tung University, Taiwan (2010–2011)
Rhea Combs2009Assistant Dean of Multicultural Affairs, Reed College
Brittney Cooper2009Assistant Professor, Women's Studies, University of Alabama
Shlomit Ritz Finkelstein2009Special Adjunct Professor, ILA, Emory University
Michelle Hite2009Lecturer, English Department, Spelman College
Aukje Kluge2009Assistant Professor, Exercise Science Department, University of Scranton
Elizabeth Milewicz2009Post Doctoral Fellowship, History Department, Emory University
Matthew Miller2009Special Adjunct Professor, ILA, Emory University
Anne Sinkey2009Museum Professional, Kennesaw State University, Holocaust Education Program
Stacy Boyd2008Assistant Professor, English Department, University of West Georgia
Petrina Dacres2008Department Head, Art History, Edna Manley College
Ryan Hays2008Assistant Dean of Faculty, Princeton University
Yanique Hume2008Lecturer, Cultural Studies Program, University of West Indies
Charles Ngugi2008Assistant Professor, Communications Department, Truman State University
Meheli Sen2008Assistant Professor, Cinema Studies, DePaul University
Philip Webb2008Lecturer, American Studies, DePaul University
Brent Campney2007Assistant Professor, Pan Am/Afro Studies, University of Texas
Gordon Jones2007Senior Military Historian and Curator, Atlanta History Center
Pellom McDaniels III2007Assistant Professor, History Department, University of Missouri, Kansas City
Margaret McGehee2007Assistant Professor, English Department, Presbyterian College
Robert Patterson2007Assistant Professor, English Department, Florida State University
Stuart Patterson2007Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts, Shimer University
Donna Troka2007Assistant Director of the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence, Emory University
Eddy Von Mueller2007Lecturer, Film Studies, Emory University
Rohit Chopra2006Assistant Professor, Department of Communications, Santa Clara University, CA
Antonio de Velasco2006Assistant Professor, Rhetorical Studies, University of Memphis
Terry Easton2006Assistant Professor, English Department, Gainesville State College
Robert Goddard2006Lecturer, Institute of Comparative Literature, Emory University
Martin Halbert2006Director, Library Systems, Emory University
George Johnston2006Associate Professor, Architecture, Georgia Tech
Emily Satterwhite2006Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies, Virginia Tech
Katherine Skinner2006Digital Programs Team Leader, Woodruff Library, Emory University
Ellen Spears2006Visiting Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, Emory University
Eldon Birthwright2005Assistant Professor, English Department, Louisiana State University
Kent Glenzer2005Director, CARE
Michael Hill2005Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies, Drew University
Stephen Levin2005Assistant Professor, English Department, Clark University
James Steffen2005Librarian, Emory University
Lynnell Thomas2005Assistant Professor, American Studies, University of Massachusetts
Saul Tobias2005External Fellow, Center for the Humanities, Temple University
Amira Jarmakani2004Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Women's Studies, Georgia State University
Angela Kreider2004Assistant Editor, Papers of James Madison, University of Virginia
Michael McGovern2004Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Yale University
Heidi Nordberg2004Freelance Web Designer, Data Dome, Inc.
Stuart Patterson2004Associate Professor of Liberal Arts, Shimer College
Miriam Petty2004PostDoc Fellow, Princeton Society of Fellows
Jay Straker2004Associate Professor, Liberal Arts and International Studies, Colorado Schools of Mines
Jason Breyan2003Director of Academic Advising, Emory University
Francis Desiderio2003Assistant Director, University Honors Program, Georgia Southern
Edward Gamarra2002Production Assistant, 17th Street Productions, Paramount Studios
Victoria Hesford2002Assistant Professor, Women's Studies, Stony Brook University
Calinda Lee2002Assistant Director, Johnson Institute, Emory University
Mark Nunes2002Chair, Humanities Department, Georgia Perimeter College
Krista Thompson2002Assistant Professor, Art History Department, University of Chicago
Michelle Wilkinson2002Grants Administrator, National Park Service, Cultural Resource Office
Amy Wood2002Assistant Professor, History Department, Illinois State University
Robert Arjet2001Web Designer, School of Public Health, University of Texas at Houston
Angela Cotten2001Assistant Professor, Ethnic/Gender Studies, California State University, Stanislaus
Jean Marie Dauplaise2001Assistant Professor, English and Philosophy, University of Wisconsin, Stout
Michael Kilburn2001Assistant Professor, Liberal Arts Department, Endicott College
Evan Lieberman2001Assistant Professor, School of Communications, Cleveland State University
Michelle Wilkinson2001Director of Collections, Reginald F. Lewis Museum
Ann Marie Baldonado2000Producer, NPR - WHYY FM Philadelphia, Fresh Air
Robin Huff2000Senior Lecturer, Modern & Classical Languages, Georgia State University
Brett Pyper2000Professor, Ethnomusicology, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
Patrick Wehner2000Assistant Professor, Critical Writing, University of Pennsylvania
Ellen Arnold1999Associate Professor, English and Coordinator, Distance Education Certificate and MA in English, Multicultural and Transnational Literatures, East Carolina University
Jack Bass1999Professor Emeritus, Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Charleston and Citadel Fellow
Kai Issa-Jackson1999Thurman Papers Project, Morehouse College
Stacy Morgan1999Associate Professor, American Studies, University of Alabama
Kerry Soper1999Associate Professor, Humanities, Classics and Comparative Literature and Director of American Studies, Brigham Young University
Sara Warner1999Adjunct Professor, International Affairs Program, Florida State University and Historian/Researcher in Litigation of Waterfront Property Boundary Disputes, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Surveying and Mapping
Gregory Gray1998Dean of the Chapel, Tuskegee Unibersity
Judy Larson1998Director of Reynolds Gallery, Westmont College (Santa Barbara)
Kim Loudermilk1997Senior Associate Dean, Administration, Emory University
Derek Williams1997Assistant Professor, Humanities, Florida A & M University
Rainier Spencer1997Professor and director, Afro-American Studies Program, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
Michael Tinkler1997Associate Professor, Art History, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Tanya Augsburg1996Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies, San Francisco State Univeristy
Brenda Young1996Assistant Professor, English Department, Georgia Perimeter College
Jianli Zhao1996Project Director, Emory College of Medicine
Sally Alvarez1995Director of Labor Programs in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Extension Division, Cornell University
Josephine Bradley1995Professor, African American Studies, Clark Atlanta University
Lisa Pertillar Brevard1995Professor, Humanities, Walden University
Amalia Amaki1994Professor, Art Department, University of Alabama
Vita Goler1994Associate Professor, Theatre Department, Spelman University
Laurel Kearns1994Associate Professor, Sociology of Religion and Environmental Studies, Theological School and Graduate Division of Religion, Drew University
Debra Walker King1994Professor, English, University of Florida
Bridgitte Manteuffel1994Vice President in The Public Health Division, ICF Macro
Akua McDaniel1994Associate Professor, Art Department, Spelman University
Iris Rafi1994Assistant Professor, English Department, Atlanta Metropolitan College
Priscilla Echols1993Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education, Emory University
Rebecca Sharpless1993Associate Professor, History, Texas Christian University
Leah Creque Harris1991Assistant Professor, English Department, Morehouse University
Virginia Shadron1991Assistant Dean, Student Progress and Special Programs, Emory Graduate School
Dawn Eidelman1990Co-Founder, Chief Education Officer, Mosaica Education, Inc.
Sid Hetzler1990Founder, Hetzler Brokerage Co
Lydia McKinley Floyd1990Dean of Business School, Florida A & M University
Gray Kochlar-Lindgren1990Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and Director of the Center for University Studies and Programs, University of Washington, Bothell
Claude Pavur1990Associate Professor, Dept of Modern and Classical Languages, St. Louis University
Sandra Flowers1989Professor, English Department, Clark Atlanta University
Stephen Haynes1989Professor of Religious Studies, Rhodes College
Clarissa Myrick-Harris1988Director, Curriculum Section, UNCF
Mark Ledbetter1987Professor, Philosophy and Religion Dept., The College of St. Rose
Nancy Chase1984Associate Professor of English, Georgia State University
Michael Lomax1984President and CEO, UNCF
Sandra Still1984English and Women's Studies Librarian, Robert W. Woodruff Library, Emory University
Rosemary Magee1982Vice President and University Secretary, Emory University
Patrice Gray1981Professor and Chair of English, Fitchburg State University
Bill Fox 79 Senior Vice President Emeritus and Adjunct Professor in the ILA, Emory University
Ann Abrams1975Lecturer
Jerry Cullum1975Editor at Large, ART PAPERS magazine
Margaret McFadden1973Professor Emerita, Women's Studies, Appalachian State University
Tim Crimmins1972Director of the Center for Neighborhood and Metropolitan Studies, Georgia State University
Mark Lapping1972Distinguished University Professor and Executive Director of the Edmund S. Muskie School of Public Service, University of Southern Maine
Dorsey Deaton1970Assistant Professor Emeritus, U.S. History, Georgia State and Founder and Owner of Deaton Global
Alice Benston1961Professor, Theatre Studies Department, Emory University
Philip Allen1956Dean Emeritus, Arts and Humanities, University of Maryland System
Susan Chen Visiting professor in the department of languages and literature at Skidmore College.- teaching focus on Chinese language courses, ethnicity, and contemporary China
Samuel "Zeb" Baker2009was awarded the 2010–2011 Princeton University Library Research Grant. He also won a $1000 Moody Grant, awarded by the Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation, to spend time at the LBJ Library in Austin working with the HEW records from the Johnson administration to establish the internal decision-making that precipitated Title VI compliance and, more specifically, the role that athletic integration played in the Johnson administration's mindset about desegregating higher education. He has also been awarded a W. J. B. Dorn Research Award by the University of South Carolina Libraries to conduct research in the South Carolina Political Collections Archives. He was awarded a John F. Kennedy Presidential Library Foundation Research Grant and awarded a Bentley Travel Grand Award. He was elected to a second consecutive term on the Thomas Wolfe Society Board of Directors.
Rohit Chopra2006(guest editor) "Reflections on Empire," special issue of the Economic and Political Weekly, 46(13); March 26–April 1, 2011 "Resurrection and Normalisation of Empire." Economic and Political Weekly, 46 (13): March 26–April 1, 2011 Global Media, Culture, and Identity: Theory, Cases, and Approaches. New York: Routledge 2011 "Introduction: Media, Culture, and Identity in the Time of the Global." (edited with Radhika Gajjala), Global Media, Culture, and Identity. New York: Routledge, 2011
Rhea Combs2009was appointed to the Board of Directors of the nationally recognized New York-based youth media organization, Global Action Project
Terry Easton2006has won the 2007 Constance Coiner Dissertation Award of the Working-Class Studies Association. His dissertation, "Temporary Work, Contingent Lives: Race, Immigration, and Transformations of Atlanta's Daily Work, Daily Pay," documents the working lives of African American, Latino, and white day laborers in late twentieth century Atlanta. The dissertation also explores power, resistance, and reform through an examination of the ways attorneys, activists, legislators, religious leaders, and union members sought to improve day laborers' working conditions. He is currently a Marion Britton Teaching Fellow at Georgia Tech.
Michelle Hite2009participated in a program at Spelman College Museum called Beyond the Blackboard. She wrote five entries for the Oxford Encylclopedia of African American History 1896–Present: From the Age of Segregation to the Twenty-first Century.
George Johnston2006received the Southeast Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians (SESAH) Book of the Year Award for his book Drafting Culture: A Social History of Architectural Graphic Standards (MIT Press, 2008)
Pellom McDaniels, III2007was featured in an online article "NFL Alumni" was featured in an online article "Negro Leagues Museum Tries Hard to Reinvent Itself" . He also served on a panel at the opening reception for Pride and Passion, The African American Baseball Experience on Saturday, November 6th at the Decatur Library. He is has also posted a blog "The Value of a Name.
Elizabeth Milewicz2009was the project manager for the NEH-funded Expanded Online Trans-Atlantic Slace Trade Database project (May 2006-May 2008); organized workshop and training materials for DLF OAI Implementers' Workshop (August 25, 2006) as a part of the IMLS-funded The Distributed Library; OAI for Digital Library Aggregation project; 2007 CHT Dialogues committee (poster and program design); 2006–2007 ILA Student Council (Secretary-Treasurer)
Matthew Miller2009has written a brief article on the intersections between rap and brass band music in New Orleans. He published a non-scholarly article in the record collector–oriented magazine Wax Poetics
Manuel Montoya2010received final admission and full membership to the Council of Foreign Relations. One of Manuel's first tasks is to travel to Africa and Germany to confirm closure of a Coltan coal mine.
Eddy Von Mueller2006received a Funds for Innovative Teaching grant from the Center for Faculty Development and Excellence
Charles Ngugi2008was appointed to the Editorial Board of Pluralities: Monash South African Journal of Social Sciences; Invited to showcase his scholarly work by Berkeley Electronic Press (Bepress) of the University of California at Berkeley in their Selected Works section
Theresa Starkey2010has had her dissertation chapter "The Bodies of Lizzie Borden" accepted in a collection titled Literary Representations of the Murdering Woman.
Krista Thompson2002received the $25,000 High Museum Driskell Prize
Amy Wood2002writes that her revised dissertation "Lynching and Spectacle: Witnessing Racial Violence in America, 1890–1940" (UNC Press) is one of five finalists in the history category for this year's L.A. Times Book Awards. She has won the 2010 Lillian Smith Book Award presented by the University of Georgia Libraries and Georgia Center for the Book for the year's outstanding nonfiction book about the US South. Wood's book Lynching and Spectacle: Witnessing Racial Violence in America, 1890–1940 is a revised version of her ILA dissertation.
Betty Woodman2012Lecturer, Business Ethics and Leadership, Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics, University of New Hampshire
Ann Short Chirhart1997has just edited a book published by the University of Georgia Press, called Georgia Women: Their Lives and Times–Volume 1.
Timothy J. Crimmins1972and Anne H. Farrisee, published Democracy Restored: A History of the Georgia State Capitol, University of Georgia Press, 2007.
Larry Earvin1982President of Huston-Tillotson University in Austin,Texas, was recently inducted into the National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame in the education category