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Katie SchankPost Doctoral Teaching Fellow

Spring 2022

  • IDS 216W-1 Visual Culture We live in a culture that is saturated by visual images. Thus, it is vital to understand what forces shape visual culture and how it shapes our thinking about myriad topics such as politics, race, class, and gender. In this class you will learn the importance and power of the visual as we explore an analyze how the visual is produced, circulated, and consumed.
  • IDS 385-1 Atlanta Urban & Cultural History This interdisciplinary course will expose you to the rich history and current conditions of the Atlanta Metropolitan area. The course will cover topics such as race relations, suburbanization, urban renewal, housing, transportation, immigrant communities, gentrification, and the city's art and music scene. Secondary readings will expose you to existing scholarship about the city and allow you to contextualize and understand Atlanta within the broader field of urban history. Field trips will be an integral part of the course and allow you to experience the city first-hand.

Summer 2022

  • IDS 385W-1 Imaging Equality: Visual Culture How can visual culture help us understand the fight for racial justice? How do photographs, films, and works of art inspire people to take action? How do images tell the story of struggle and triumph? How can images be used to both encourage and inhibit social change? How does the visual culture of the Black Lives Matter movement grow out of and build upon the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 60s? In this interdisciplinary course we will seek to answer these questions and others using the lens of visual culture to examine the history, influence, and legacy of the Civil Rights movement.