The Honors program of Emory College allows exceptionally talented students to pursue rigorous scholarly projects under the close supervision of a faculty sponsor. For most students who complete the Honors program, their project becomes their proudest achievement at Emory. In the AMST and IDS majors, where all students complete a senior project, we encourage students who meet the Emory College Honors required GPA of 3.5 to consult with the DUS about standing for honors. There are three main components to the Honors program in addition to the major requirements; students should consider carefully the significant additional work required by these components:

  • a graduate seminar in any discipline approved by your adviser and by the ILA’s director of undergraduate studies (DUS), in which the student earns a grade of B or better
  • completion of your senior project in accordance with all deadlines and requirements set by the Honors program, including a formal oral defense.
  • the oral defense takes place before a committee of three faculty (at least one from the ILA and at least one from outside the ILA) all of whom must agree to serve on the student’s committee.

In addition, there are a number of meetings and other events administered by Emory College for all Honors students; you will receive information about this component after you enroll in the program, and you must abide by all Emory College Honors regulations in order to remain in the program.

Deadline for indicating to the DUS your intention to stand for Honors is spring of junior year