Senior Profiles

Kryn Dykema

Kryn is focusing his interdisciplinary thesis in sustainability and urban development. His project aims to target Emory's greenhouse gas emissions, specifically focusing on Emory's goals of reducing overall carbon emissions by 25% by 2025. By integrating studies of environmental and climate science, economic markets, behavioral economics, and sociology Kryn is developing a program to counterbalance the carbon emissions that result from Emory-affiliated air travel by generating peer-reviewed carbon offsets.

Kryn Dykema  | Interdisciplinary Studies and Psychology | Class of 2019

Olivia Fogel

Olivia Fogel is originally from NJ and has conducted research in the past in various areas of psychology and organization and management. For her senior thesis, she is focusing on the Locus of Control, a psychological metric, and its relationship to individual success. She will be analyzing data shared with the business school as a case study. Consequently, she will create suggestions for academic institutions to best use this metric to their advantage and best help students.

Olivia Fogel  | Interdisciplinary Studies | Class of 2019

Jack Hester

A native of the Reno-Tahoe region, Jack Hester loves to ski and is a committed coffee aficionado. He takes an interdisciplinary approach to exploring public health and its intersection with technology, with a special eye towards data visualization and mechanism design. Jack's senior thesis, "Mining Adverse Drug Side Effects from Online Forum Posts," uses computational linguistics methods to analyze patient posts on healthcare forums in order to predict previously undiscovered prescription drug side effects.

Jack Hester  | Interdisciplinary Studies | Class of 2019

Leigh Schlecht

Leigh Schlecht is an IDS and Comparative Literature double major from Wisconsin. Her thesis, entitled "Privileging Our Presence: The Race-Space Dynamic in Emory's African American Studies Classrooms" investigates Black students' responses to white students enrolled in African American studies courses through the lenses of cultural studies, literary analysis, and social identity theory.

Leigh Schlecht  | Interdisciplinary Studies | Class of 2019

Nava Amalfard

Nava Amalfard is a senior, originally from Atlanta, majoring in IDS and NBB. Her thesis delves into how the neuroscience of creativity can be applied to construct more creative workplaces. In her research, she is combining neuroscience, sociology, and business in the hopes of improving company culture and productivity. In her free time, Nava loves to dance, write, and bake gluten free pastries.

Nava Amalfard  | Interdisciplinary Studies | Class of 2019

Isaac Goldman

Isaac Goldman has a passion for both eating food and studying food. Eating is one of the few activities humans do three times every day, and Isaac believes each meal is not only a health decision, but also a decision related to sustainability and ethics. Isaac's senior project includes working with Bon Appétit at Emory to provide great-tasting plant-based dining options that appeal to all students, in order to motivate meat-eating students to eat fewer meat meals every week thereby, decreasing Emory's food-related environmental footprint and potentially improving the health of the students.

Isaac Goldman  | Interdisciplinary Studies | Class of 2019

Matthew Heldman

A proud Cincinnatian, Matthew has capitalized on his hometown pride and formed his interdisciplinary studies around urban development. He draws from the disciplines of architecture, political science, sustainability, and business. For his honors thesis, Matthew is examining the New Urbanist trend of mixed-use developments and analyzing how they became the response to suburbia and if they provide the same qualities as vibrant, organically-formed neighborhoods, of which they try to emulate.

Matthew Heldman  | Interdisciplinary Studies | Class of 2019

Marshall Kupka-Moore

Marshall Kupka-Moore is using the disciplines of Religion, Philosophy, and Dance and Movement Studies to prove how we can use touch and movement to more effectively develop compassion. Inspired by the Dalai Lama's mission to create a more peaceful world, Marshall has dedicated his academic and personal life to working towards this goal. In his capstone project, Marshall explains that compassion--the desire to see one free from suffering--is inherent in humans and discusses how certain principals of Biology, Tibetan Buddhism, and Contact Improvisation facilitate the development of this capacity.

Marshall Kupka-Moore  | Interdisciplinary Studies | Class of 2019

Nicole Swords

Originally from Boca Raton, Florida, Nicole Swords spends her time outside of class either at the beach or working at her yoga studio. She is exploring the mattering and meaning of street art's placement as it moves out of public spheres into private galleries in her thesis, "From Streets to Galleries: The Commodification of Politically Charged Street Art." She draws from the fields of Marketing, Art History, Sociology, Philosophy, and Urban Studies to support her argument. 

Nicole Swords  | Interdisciplinary Studies | Class of 2019

Maddy Zapata

Maddy Zapata is originally from Guayama, Puerto Rico. She is majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies and on the Pre-med track. Her thesis looks at the effect of legislation on the opioid epidemic and how genetics can transform new legislation. Maddy is excited to bring the fields of Political Science and Biology into conversation. In her free time, Maddy  likes watching comedy shows and buying herself flowers. 

Maddy Zapata  | Interdisciplinary Studies | Class of 2019

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