Senior Profiles

Sonal Mathur

An international student from Hong Kong, Sonal is driven by an interest in digital media and online culture. By combining theories from media studies and psychology, she is examining the disparity that exists in the modern creative industry regarding the perception of the on-screen and online celebrity.

Sonal Mathur  | Interdisciplinary Studies and Psychology

Nathaniel Sawyer

Nathaniel's thesis critiques the configuration of mental health resources and related discourses in higher education via public health and disability studies. He focuses on Emory student oral histories and illuminates potential innovations for the university.

Nathaniel Sawyer  | Interdisciplinary Studies

Isabelle Lee

Isabelle is delving into Masaya, Nicaragua's understanding of mestizaje as an ongoing racial and cultural syncretism. Her investigation looks at historical and modern folklore to examine the formation and perception of mixed identity in Mayasa.

Isabelle Lee  | Interdisciplinary Studies

Christian Wayne

Christian is a Florida native exploring how and why Southern Identity has manifested itself in Southeastern Conference (SEC) football and why those manifestations might be considered problematic, especially as certain rituals relate to US racial history.

Christian Wayne  | Interdisciplinary Studies

Bethany Studnicky

Bethany's thesis is titled "Authenticity and the Self: Communicating Identity through Self-Portraiture." She is an artist interrogating visual culture, visual arts, and art history to look at the presentation of identity, effective communication, and mental health as it relates to an individual's concept of self.

Bethany Studnicky  | Interdisciplinary Studies

Feven Laine

Feven Laine is an Eritrean American student whose thesis is exploring how adolescents are being shaped to see and understand both themselves and others through the narratives that are introduced in public school classrooms.

Feven Laine  | Interdisciplinary Studies

Hillary Hoffstein

Using behavioral economics and theories of social impact, Hillary will determine if businesses can create sustainable change with philanthrocapitalism. She approaches this broader question by focusing on transparency in the specialty coffee industry.

Hillary Hoffstein  | Interdisciplinary Studies

Jillian Taub

Jillian is using semiotics, feminist theory, and fashion theory to research how women's magazines set the standards for femininity, arguing that women's magazines continue to be controlled by how advertisers believe women should perceive themselves. She will create a digital magazine to showcase her conclusions.

Jillian Taub  | Interdisciplinary Studies

Jennifer Shaffer

Jennifer looks at how technology has affected the way we read and write. By examining our dependence on computers and the internet, she aims to discover if and how our creative processes have changed within contemporary literature.

Jennifer Shaffer  | Interdisciplinary Studies

Isabelle Saldaña

An artist whose practice is concerned with identity interventions, Isabelle theorizes the transformative potential of Black mixed-race performance and poetics via queer theory. Isabelle will perform an endurance art piece as a part of her project.

Isabelle Saldaña  | Interdisciplinary Studies

Ahd Niazy

Ahd's thesis revolves around the relationship of storytelling to identity. She is looking specifically at the identities of Saudi women to understand the way that cultural boundaries are both transcended and perpetuated through story.

Ahd Niazy  | Interdisciplinary Studies & Creative Writing

Eitan Barokas

Eitan is exploring adolescence, raising questions on the periods of growth and identity formation occurring inside and outside of this time period. He is looking at different visual artists as case studies in order to learn more about how identity is changed during and after.

Eitan Barokas  | Interdisciplinary Studies & Business

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