Call for Proposals: Fall 2021 Side-Car Courses

Apply by: May 10, 2021

We invite applications from Emory College faculty members interested in developing a side-car course as part of a team that includes a faculty member in another department or discipline and two IDEAS fellows (see description below). If you are interested but you don’t have a partner, please email us at the addresses below. If you don’t know any IDEAS fellows, please see, as noted below, that we will match you with fellows. Each faculty member in the team receives $1000 (before taxes). No more than six side-car courses will be funded in Fall 2021.

This project is sponsored by the IDEAS Fellowship (InterDisciplinary Exploration And Scholarship). IDEAS fellows are undergraduate academic leaders actively engaged in creating a more integrated liberal arts experience for Emory students.


What are side-car courses?

A side-car course brings together two courses that overlap in some way, either through methodologies or topics, to create a short interdisciplinary course that runs simultaneously with its two sponsoring courses. As an example, a history professor teaching a course on the Middle Ages might partner with a biology professor teaching a course on infectious disease for a side-car course on the plague. Side-car courses are meant to add something to the originating courses that helps students integrate ideas from different fields and allows them to explore a topic both more deeply and more creatively.

A subset of students from each course could choose to participate in the side-car course. Other students may be allowed to enroll at the instructors’ discretion. Course may be listed as Open Enrollment at the Instructor’s discretion. These courses are meant to be small and pedagogically innovative. Students take the course S/U, and each side-car course carries one credit. Schedules for the class could be flexible – they might meet one hour per week for the entire semester, or two hours per week for half the semester, or any other schedule that best suits your pedagogical needs – just as long as the class meets often enough to justify receiving one credit (a total of 15 hours over the course of the semester). Course content can be innovative and creative as well; courses could be run as a seminar, or they could be project or community service based, or they could include visiting discussants or lecturers, or whatever your imaginations conjure up.


How to Apply

Submit your proposal using this webform no later than May 10, 2021: Fall 2021 - Sidecar Course Proposal Form

Your proposal must include the following information:

  1. Names and contact information for both faculty members.
  2. Titles and course numbers of the originating courses.
  3. One-paragraph description of your proposed class, including a course title.
  4. A short statement describing how you will involve your IDEAS fellow TAs in planning and teaching the course.
  5. (Optional) Name of IDEAS fellows to serve as Teaching Assistants. If you already know IDEAS fellows that you would like to work with, please include their names. This proposal needn’t be fully developed at this point, as we would like to see IDEAS fellows involved in the planning process.
  6. Meeting time. Include a time that will work for both faculty members.  If you plan to follow a non-traditional schedule, please indicate that as well. This is necessary for adding the class to the course schedule in OPUS.
  7. Indicate if the course will be Permission Only or Open Enrollment.

Applications will be reviewed by IDEAS Side-Car committee. Successful applications will be paired with IDEAS fellows by the IDEAS Side-Car committee if you have not indicated fellows who would like to participate in the course. 

Successful applicants will meet with their full team, including IDEAS fellows, and submit a course description for OPUS and a full course outline.


What are successful applicants committed to do?

  • Attend an orientation luncheon/workshop. We will host an orientation via Zoom, date to be determined. 
  • Offer side-car course once during Fall 2021.
  • Submit a brief report upon completion of the course, which addresses positive aspects
    of the experience, aspects of the program that were less successful and suggestions for improving the program.