New "Ideas" - The 2018 Fellowship Retreat

By Elizabeth Crusey, IDEAS Fellow

As IDEAS fellows boarded vans in September on the way to our annual retreat, many sat next to peers they did not know all too well. The drive was filled with conversations of excitement and some slight uncertainty of what the next few days would bring as we all looked forward to an overnight stay away from Emory. Although many of us left for the weekend as mere acquaintances, we returned to campus with new and closer friendships, a better understanding of our individual experiences, and excited to begin work on our collaborations for the upcoming year.

The IDEAS Fellowship uses this retreat each year as a space to form connections between new and existing fellows. Spending quality time away from our typical Friday lunch meetings allows us to better understand each other’s stories and passions, many of which provide inspiration for the upcoming year’s initiatives.

Team building activities such as canoeing, campfires, and hiking intersperse with work sessions throughout the weekend where we brainstorm projects, events, and decide on goals for the year. This time, we left our retreat with the common objectives of introducing IDEAS and its mission to more students, finding successful ways of incorporating the liberal arts into students’ everyday lives, and encouraging further interdisciplinary programming in other organizations. Using fellows’ own interests and skills across academic and professional fields, we took time during our retreat to envision the liberal arts at Emory and decide how we can best make an impact. I, for one, am excited for what lies ahead.

2018 IDEAS Retreat