Spring 2017 class of IDS 220

IDS Makes List of "Cool Courses"...Twice!

The Emory Report regularly showcases courses that are especially innovative or interesting.  Two of our courses, IDS 220 “What Does it Mean to be Human?” (Fall 2017) and  IDS 190 “More Than Meets the Eye” (Spring 2018), have been featured this year. 

Both courses are primarily taught by a team of students from the Laney Graduate School, assisted by Drs. Kim Loudermilk (ILA), Leslie Taylor (Theater Studies), and David Lynn (Chemistry).  The graduate students showcase their research, and bring their work together around the class themes.  IDEAS Fellows are participating in IDS 220.  As teaching assistants, the IDEAS Fellows help bring out the interdisciplinary connections among the different perspectives on what it means to be human.