Mark Risjord and Peter Little Study Happiness and Well-Being

Along with Workneh Negatu of Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, and Abdullahi Aboud of Egerton University, Kenya, Peter Little and Mark Risjord have received a “Happiness and Well-Being” grant from the John Templeton Foundation. One of the puzzles about happiness and well-being is that measures of subjective well-being often do not correlate with measures based on wealth, health, or freedom from corruption. The two field sites, South Wollo, Ethiopia, and Baringo, Kenya, differ in their level of recent development and pace of social change. Using more than thirty years of interview data collected by Little in Baringo and fifteen years of data collected by Little and Negatu in South Wollo, the team will try to understand the relationships between (1) subjective and quantitative measures of well-being and (2) local and global factors in the causes of well-being.