Farah Al Chammas is a sophomore at Emory College, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies and minoring in Hebrew. After fleeing the war in Syria in 2013 and seeking asylum in the United States, Farah's thought-to-be perfect life was transformed into what she now considers the most painful blessing she has received in life. Leaving father and home to save the future of her education, she was determined to make her parents' sacrifices worthwhile. Since starting at Emory, Farah has been keeping herself out of her comfort zone to grow and communicate in the hopes of finding answers for her many questions about overcoming biases to create peace. Perceiving her position at Emory as a privilege that she is responsible for sharing with other refugees in the local community, she founded Refugee Revive, a student organization that seeks to empower the refugee community by bridging connections between refugees and available opportunities in education and employment. Because her experience re-shaped many of her values, Farah has collected her diary entries from 2012, before the war started in Syria, until her most recent semester at Emory, in a book that will be soon published with 100% of her share of profits dedicated to refugee relief services. The book speaks out her gratitude for having a heart made in Syria and a brain made in the United States.