Jayeol Chun is a junior at Emory College majoring in biophysics and computer science. His current research project is on quantitative evolutionary theory, where he simulates evolutionary processes through various models and examines their properties. Beyond the domain of his majors, he is also deeply interested in philosophy and literature, specifically philosophy of science of the West and philosophy of the East Asian attitude toward life -- including but not limited to -- Confucianism and Taoism. His on-campus involvement includes serving as a resident adviser (beginning next fall) and as a teaching assistant, with the ultimate goal of contributing to Emory's efforts to develop and maintain a diverse and inclusive community. Having served in the Korean military for two years, he is grateful to the IDEAS Fellowship for providing an atmosphere where differences are respected and embraced, where bottom-up feedback from students is encouraged, and where young intellectuals are given the opportunity to influence their own liberal arts education experience here at Emory.