IDS Major


AMerican STudies and InterDisciplinary Studies

A Major to Meet your Intellectual Passion

Named 2015–2016 Best Integrative Studies Program in the country by


"Interdisciplinarity is always transformative in some way, producing new forms of knowledge in its engagement with discrete disciplines."

—Joseph Moran, Interdisciplinarity


Under the auspices of Emory's Institute for the Liberal Arts, IDS and AMST are the only majors at Emory University that allow students to structure their own program of study around a field of interest that they define in close consultation with faculty experts from different disciplines who have specific training in interdisciplinary study. The IDS and AMST majors are designed for independently minded students whose interests are broader than those accommodated by a single discipline. As part of these majors, students are permitted to take courses in a number of departments, provided they meet appropriate departmental prerequisites. Click here for a full description of the IDS major in the AMST and IDS Handbook. 

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