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"Feeding the homeless is laudable and even essential as a stopgap measure, but it is hardly a cure for the conditions that give rise to widespread homelessness in the wealthiest nation on earth. While the reasons for this condition are complex, the fact that many participating undergraduates do not see a connection between homelessness and government policies toward mental health, poverty, affordable housing, and the like demonstrates a failure of education. The same is true of their mistaken belief that no useful results ever come from citizen efforts to persuade the government to respond to social needs. By itself, therefore, community service, however laudable, cannot provide an adequate civic education. On the contrary, it underscores the need to pay more attention to educating students about the role of government and the importance of civic participation to our democracy."

—Derek Bok (former president of Harvard University), "Preparation for Citizenship," a chapter in Our Underachieving Colleges


American Studies is both a recognized academic field and, here at Emory, an interdisciplinary major (AMST) that allows students to discover the complexity and diversity of the history, literature, and culture of both the U.S. and the broader Americas by drawing on multiple academic disciplines and social perspectives. The AMST major follows the same coadvising structure as the IDS major, but the classes AMST majors take and the questions they pursue specifically explore the role of ideas and events in the formation of American culture. In classes such as AMST 201, Introduction to American Studies, we examine the connections among regional identity, racial conflict, popular culture, gender politics, capitalism, and global migration. Other AMST-tagged classes encourage ethical engagement with the issues raised by scholarly interrogation of received wisdom and platitudes about American culture. AMST majors are not restricted to courses that carry the AMST tag; rather, in consultation with your faculty advisers, you will develop an AMST proposal of concentration courses that will equip you to prepare an AMST senior project.

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