Allen E. TullosTullos
Ph.D., American Studies, Yale University, 1985

404-727-6965 (office)
404-727-2370 (fax)

Research interests:

Critical spatial theory, digital scholarship and publishing, American popular music, documentary forms, the U.S. South

Selected Publications and Media Projects: 

Senior Editor of the internet journal Southern Spaces

Alabama Getaway: The Political Imaginary and the Heart of Dixie (University of Georgia Press, 2012)

Habits of Industry: White Culture and the Transformation of the Carolina Piedmont (University of North Carolina Press, 1989). Awarded Sydnor Prize from the Southern Historical Association for year's outstanding book.

Editor (1982-2003)of quarterly journal, Southern Changes

Editor, Long Journey Home: Folklife in the South (Institute for Southern Studies 1977)

"What the Traffic Bares: Popular Music `Back in the USA.'" in A Companion to Post-1945 America (Blackwell 2002)

"Into the Terrortory: William Christenberry's Klan Room" in William Christenberry (Dusseldorf: Richer Verlag, 2002)

Co-producer and sound recordist on the award winning documetary films "Born for Hard Luck", "Being a Joines: A Life in Brushy Mountains", and "A Singing Stream: A Black Family Chronicle" in the American Traditional Culture Series (Davenport Films and the University of North Carolina, 1980s). 

Producer of the documentary video "Tommie Bass: A Life in the Ridge and Valley Country" (1993)

Essays for The Nation, Mother Jones, New York Times, Southern Exposure, Virginia Quarterly Review, Atlanta Journal Constitution


American Routes: Tradition and Transformation in American Musical Cultures

Citizenship: First Year Seminar

We Sing Ourselves: Music and Identity: First Year Seminar

Space and Place

Graduate Seminar in American Studies
Graduate Seminar in Digital Scholarship and Media Studies