About Us

Founded in 1952, Emory's Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts (ILA) was one of the first interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs in the United States. Today, the ILA provides a unique, intellectual environment for the pursuit of research projects that cut across conventional academic boundaries. The Institute has a tradition of fostering emergent fields of study and has encouraged the practice of new modes of inquiry at Emory and beyond. It provides a challenging space for both faculty and students to pursue theoretically sophisticated and methodologically innovative studies of history, culture and society. Read More

Spotlights & Events

Mary Horton, an ILA PhD candidate, has been chosen by Emory Scholar Zonair Khan as their favorite Emory Professor. Dr. Horton will attend the Emory Scholars Senior Brunch as part of the cherished tradition to honor Emory Scholars, their families, and the professors they most appreciated during their four years at Emory. Congratulations Zonair Khan and Mary Horton!

Harold Brasswell, ILA alumnus 2014, has recently had his manuscript  A Tale of Two Hospices: Freedom and Abandonment in US End-of-Life Care placed under contract to be published by Johns Hopkins University Press. Congratulations Harold!

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