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Founded in 1952, Emory's Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts (ILA) was one of the first interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs in the United States. Today, the ILA provides a unique, intellectual environment for the pursuit of research projects that cut across conventional academic boundaries. The Institute has a tradition of fostering emergent fields of study and has encouraged the practice of new modes of inquiry at Emory and beyond. It provides a challenging space for both faculty and students to pursue theoretically sophisticated and methodologically innovative studies of history, culture and society. Read More

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The ILA is the number one integrative studies program in the country. Bestcolleges.com has listed Emory's Interdisplinary Studies program as "an innovative program" for those who are considering an "Interdisciplinary Studies degree with an emphasis in Society and Culture." Please read the article here, BEST INTEGRATIVE STUDIES PROGRAMS
It is with great regret but warm wishes that the Institute of Liberal Arts announces that Dr. Kevin Corrigan, longtime director of the ILA, will be leaving the department. Dr. Corrigan has accepted a professorship in Emory's Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies effective August 26th. Dr. Corrigan's leaving marks the end of an era for the ILA. He is credited with steering the ILA through one of the most tenuous and rocky times in the Institute's nearly 65-year history. We are indebted to Dr. Corrigan's vision and commitment to the department in his many years of service. Again, with warmest wishes for the future, thank you, Dr. Corrigan, for your everything you have done for the ILA.


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