About Interdisciplinary Faculty Fellowships

Interdisciplinary Faculty Fellowships provide opportunities to pursue complex and innovative research questions, to expand graduate or undergraduate education in novel ways, and to build interdisciplinary communities. Multi-year, part-time appointments to the Institute for the Liberal Arts support research that is ground-breaking and difficult to pursue using currently available funding sources and institutional structures. Research projects must be interdisciplinary in the sense that they blend disparate methodologies, integrateliteratures or theories from different domains, or require contributions from scholars with distinct expertise. Uncoupled from the demands of departments and traditional majors, Faculty Fellowships incorporate teaching and mentoring into the research process. Faculty Fellowships encourage experimentation with pedagogies that promote the core values of a liberal arts education: independent thinking, self-reflection, and the capacity to critically understand multiple perspectives. We aspire to build communities at Emory that will influence the trajectories of existing disciplines and participate in the creation of new fields.