Recent Dissertations

Camila Aschner Restrepo, Spring 2013
Theatre and Politics in Latin America 1970–2010

Kwesi John DeGraft-Hanson, Spring 2013
Commemorating Hidden Landscapes of Slavery Linked by Enslaved Africans and Their American Descendants from the Butler Plantations in Georgia

Kazumi Hasegawa, Spring 2013
American Studies, US-Japan Relations, Japanese Studies
Examining the Life of Oyabe Zenichiro:The New Formation of Modern Japanese Identity at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

James Langston Hughes, Spring 2013

Kira Marie Walsh, Spring 2013
Cryptomnesia: Everything You Forgot You Didn't Know

Laura Emiko Soltis, Fall 2012
¡Presente! Music, Mobilization, and Global Engagement: The Case of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Anna Vandenberg, Fall 2012
What We Can Say about Cognition in Aging: Arguments for and against Cognitive Health Promotion

Betty Woodman, Summer 2012

Lynn Tinley, Summer 2012
Learning and Godliness Cultivated Together, Early Eighteenth-Century Samplers from Boston, Philadelphia, and the South Carolina Low Country

Sheri Davis-Faulkner, Spring 2012

Kyoko Taniguchi, Spring 2011
Maternal Fantasies: Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Retellings of the Yamamba Legend

Ju-Hwan Kim, Summer 2011

Chante Baker, Spring 2010
Anchored in Time: The US South as a "Place" of Gendered Racial Memory in Ernest J. Gaines's Fiction
Committee: Rudolph Byrd, Adviser; Leroy Davis, Barbara Ladd

Manuel R. Montoya, Spring 2010
Global Consciouness, Global Words: An Examination of World Polity as it Relates to World Literature
Committee: Angelka Bammer, Adviser; John Boli, Ivan Karp, Sen. Gary Hart

Robert Stewart Varner, Spring 2010
Inside the Perimeter: Urban Development in Atlanta Since the 1996 Olympic Games
Committee: Kevin Corrigan, Adviser; Cynthia Willett, Frank Lechner

Folashade Alao, Spring 2009
Islands of Memory: The Sea Islands, Black Women Artists, and the Promise of Home
Committee: Lawrence Jackson, Adviser; Rudolph Byrd, Tracy Rone

Samuel "Zeb" Baker, Spring 2009
Fields of Contest: Race, Region, and College Football in the US South, 1945–1975
Committee: Dana White, Adviser; Joseph Crespino, James Roark

Michelle Hite, Spring 2009
Sisters, Rivals and Citizens: Venus and Serena Williams as a Case Study of American Identity
Committee: Rudolph Byrd, Adviser; Kimberly Wallace-Sanders, Rosemarie Garland-Thomson

Elizabeth Milewicz, Spring 2009
But Is It a Library? The Contested Meanings and Changing Culture of the Academic Library
Committee: Walter Reed, Adviser; Debra Spitulnik, Cathryn Johnson

Susan Chen, Summer 2009
Living with "Tibet": The Local, The Translocal, and the Cultural Geography of Dharamsala
Committee: Anna Grimshaw, Adviser; Bruce Knauft, Robert Paul

Rhea Combs, Summer 2009
Exceeding the Frame: Documentary Filmmaker Marlon T. Riggs as Cultural Agitator
Committee: Matthew Bernstein, Adviser; Rudolph Byrd, Beverly Guy-Sheftall

Aukje Kluge, Summer 2009
A Qualitative Inquiry into Smoking Cessation: Lessons Learned from Smokers
Committee: Howard Kushner, Adviser; Claire Sterk, Darryl Neill

Matthew Miller, Summer 2009
Bounce: Rap Music and Local Identity in New Orleans, 1980–2005
Committee: Allen Tullos, Adviser; Timothy Dowd, Anna Grimshaw

Shlomit Ritz Finkelstein, Summer 2009
Adults with Tourette Syndrome
Howard Kushner, Adviser; Lawrence Barsalou, Jorge Juncos

Anne Sinkey, Summer 2009
The Rhetoric of the Manifesto
Committee: Elizabeth Goodstein, Adviser; Mark Jordan, Cynthia Willett

Yanique Hume, Fall 2008
Alternative Visions of Cubanidad: Diaspora, Folklorization, and the Performance of Haitian Identities in Eastern Cuba
Committee: Edna Bay, Adviser; Regine Jackson, Dianne Stewart

Philip Webb, Fall 2008
Homeless Bodies, Homeless Minds: Myth and the American Metropolis
Committee: Elizabeth Goodstein, Adviser; Mark Jordan, Laurie Patton

Steve Bransford, PhD, Summer 2008
Trying to Make it Real: The Documentary Imagination of American Roots Music
Committee: Allen Tullos, Adviser; Anna Grimshaw, Tim Dowd

Ryan Hays, PhD, Summer 2008
Fashioning Our Own Freuds: Psychoanalysis and Religion
Committee: Allen Tullos, Adviser; Angelika Bammer, Kevin Corrigan, Dean Robert Paul

Charles Ngugi, Summer 2008
Free Expression and Authority in Contest: The Evolutiion of Freedom of Expression in Kenya
Committee: Edna Bay, Adviser; Abdullah An-Naim, Angelika Bammer

Meheli Sen, PhD, Spring 2008
Discontented Modernities: Gender, Genre, and Nation in Post-Independence Hindi Cinema
Committee: Matthew Bernstein, Adviser; Deepika Bahri, Kevin Corrigan and Paul Courtright

Petrina Dacres, PhD, Spring 2008
Modern Monuments: Fashioning History and Identity in Post-Colonial Jamaica
Committee: Richard Long, Adviser; Natasha Barnes, Dahlia Judovitz

Stacy Boyd, PhD, Summer 2007
Black Men Worshipping: Intersecting Anxieties of Race, Gender, and Christian Embodiment
Committee: Rudolph Byrd, Adviser; Mark Sanders, Diane Stewart, Kimberly Wallace-Sanders

Brent Campney, PhD, Summer 2007
"And This Is Free Kansas": Racist Violence, Black and White Resistance, Geographical Particularity, and the "Free State" Narrative in Kansas, 1865 to 1914
Committee: Allen Tullos, Adviser; Kimberly Wallace-Sanders, Jonathon Prude

Gordon Jones, PhD, Spring 2007
Gut History: Civil War Reenacting and the Making of an American Past
Committee: Ivan Karp, Adviser; Dana White, Corinne Kratz, James Roark

Pellom McDaniels, III, PhD, Spring 2007
The Angle of Ascent: Race, Class, Sport, and Representations of African American Masculinity
Committee: Rudolph Byrd, Adviser; Kimberly Wallace-Sanders, Dana White

Margaret McGehee, PhD, Spring 2007
On Margaret Mitchell's Grave: Women Writers Imagining Atlanta, 1941–2006
Committee: Allen Tullos, Adviser; Cris Levenduski, Michael Elliott, Dana White

Robert J. Patterson, PhD, Spring 2007
Many Are Invited, But Few Are Chosen: Civil Rights, Historical Memory, and the Figure of the "Chosen" One in the African American Literary Tradition, 1971–1989
Committee: Michael Awkward, Adviser; Rudolph Byrd, Dianne Stewart

Donna Troka, PhD, Spring 2007
The Kings of the Midwest: An Oral History of Three Midwestern Drag King Troupes
Committee: Kimberly Wallace-Sanders, Adviser; Saralyn Chestnut, Layli Phillips (GA State)

Eddy von Mueller, PhD, Fall 2006
The Acme Aesthetic: Violence, Visual Culture, and the Impact of the Animation on Contemporary Cinema
Committee: David Cook, Adviser; Matthew Bernstein, Catherine Ross

Stuart Patterson, PhD, Fall 2006
A New Pattern of Life: The Public Past and Present of Two New Deal Communities
Committee: Allen Tullos, Adviser; Ivan Karp, Steven Tipton

Rohit Chopra, PhD, Summer 2006
Mediated Visions: Technology and Nationalism in India from the Colonial Era to the Current Age
Committee: Allen Tullos and Cynthia Patton, Advisers; Irene Browne, Laurie Patton

Ellen Spears, PhD, Summer 2006
Toxic Knowledge: A Social History of Environmental Health in the New South's Anniston, Alabama, 1872–Present
Committee: Allen Tullos, Adviser; Cris Levenduski, Howard Frumkin, Dan Carter

Terry Easton, PhD, Spring 2006
Temporary Work, Contingent Lives: Race, Immigration, and Transformations of Daily Work, Daily Pay
Committee: Allen Tullos, Adviser; Dana White, Mary Odem

Robert Goddard, PhD, Spring 2006
Sugar as Stranger: Sugar Monoculture and the Coming of Creole Consciousness in the Caribbean
Committee: Ivan Karp, Adviser; David Eltis, Judith Roark, Jeffrey Lesser

Martin Halbert, PhD, Spring 2006
New Models for Research Libraries in the Digital Age
Committee: Allen Tullos, Adviser; Billy Frye, Joan Gotwals, Cynthia Patton

George Johnston, PhD, Spring 2006
Drafting Culture: A Social History of Architectural Graphic Standards
Committee: Dana White, Adviser; Ivan Karp, Cris Levenduski

Katherine Skinner, PhD, Fall 2005
That We All Be Free: Music and Social Change
Committee: Allen Tullos, Adviser; Cris Levenduski, Timothy Dowd

Antonio de Velasco, PhD, Summer 2005
Claiming the Center: The Rhetoric of Political Transcendence in the Clinton Era
Committee: Elizabeth Goodstein, Adviser; Cris Levenduski, Jeff Walker

Emily Satterwhite, PhD, Summer 2005
Locally Colored: Popular Fiction of Appalachia and Geographies of Reception
Committee: Allen Tullos, Adviser; Cris Levenduski, Michael Elliott

Eldon Birthwright, PhD, Spring 2005
Rastafari as a Theology of Liberation: Toward a Re-Engineering of Blackspace
Committee: Richard Long, Adviser; Leroy Davis, Noel Erskine

Steven Cook, PhD, Spring 2005
Remembering and Forgetting Abram Kardiner: His Life and Legacy in the Show of Freud's Influence
Committee: Robert Paul, Adviser; Brad Shore, Beth Seelig

Kent Glenzer, PhD, Spring 2005
Politics Is a Thing That Passes: A Historical Ethnography of Power, Democracy, and Development in the Pondori Flood Plains, Mali, c. 1818–2004
Committee: Edna Bay, Adviser; Ivan Karp, John Boli

Michael Hill, PhD, Spring 2005
New Age in the Andes: Mystical Tourism and Cosmopolitan Religious Culture in Cusco, Peru
Committee: Ivan Karp, Adviser; Robert Paul, Gary Laderman, Kathryn Kozaitis

Steven Levin, PhD, Spring 2005
The Capacity to Be at Home: Commodity Aesthetics and Anglophone Travel Writing of the Late Twentieth Century
Committee: Robert Paul, Adviser; Angelika Bammer, Paul Courtwright

Julie Sexeny, PhD, Spring 2005
Oops, I Did It Again: An Evaluation of Girl Subjectivity in Children's Films, 1989–2000
Committee: Angelika Bammer, Adviser; Robert Paul, Matthew Bernstein

James Steffen, PhD, Spring 2005
A Cardiogram of the Time: Sergei Parajanov and the Politics of Nationality and Aesthetics in the Soviet Union
Committee: David Cook, Adviser; Angelika Bammer, Matthew Payne, Karla Oeler

Lynnell Thomas, PhD, Spring 2005
Race and Erasure in New Orleans Tourism
Committee: Cynthia Patton, Adviser; Mark Sanders, Dana White

Saul Tobias, PhD, Spring 2005
Pathos and the Human Sciences: Reading Nietzsche, Weber, and Mannheim
Committee: Ivan Karp, Adviser; Thomas Flynn (Co-Director), Kevin Corrigan

Angela Kreider, PhD, Summer 2004
To Love All That Pleases: Autobiography, Dialectic, and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1919–1939
Committee: Angelika Bammer, Adviser; Catherine Nickerson, Walter Adamson

Heidi Nordberg, PhD, Summer 2004
Imagining the Virus: A Discourse Analysis of Contemporary Fiction
Committee: Robert Paul, Adviser; David Jasper, Walter Reed

David Pratt, PhD, Summer 2004
Fit Food for Madhouse Inmates: The German Film Invasion of 1920–1922
Committee: Angelika Bammer, Adviser; David Cook, Matthew Bernstein

Jay Straker, PhD, Summer 2004
The Fate of an African Revolutionary Curriculum: Forest Youth and the Cultural Production of Guinea Nationalism
Committee: Ivan Karp, Adviser; Edna Bay, Cory Kratz, Valerie Loichot

Amira Jarmakani, PhD, Spring 2004
Disorienting America: The Legacy of Orientalist Representations of Arab Womanhood in US Popular Culture
Committee: Angelika Bammer, Adviser; Catherine Nickerson, Kristen Brustad

Michael McGovern, PhD, Spring 2004
Unmasking the State: Developing Modern Political Subjectivities in Twentieth-Century Guinea
Committee: Ivan Karp, Adviser; Cory Kratz, Bruce Knauft, Edna Bay

Miriam Petty, PhD, Spring 2004
Doubtful Glory: 1930s Hollywood and the African American Actor as Star
Committee: Rudolph Byrd, Adviser; Matthew Bernstein, Mark Sanders, Kimberly Wallace-Sanders

Jason Breyan, PhD, Fall 2003
Traumatic Returns: War Neurosis and American Home in 1940s Hollywood Film and Popular Culture
Committee: Catherine Nickerson, Adviser; Robert Paul, Angelika Bammer

Francis Desiderio, PhD, Fall 2003
Centering the City: John Portman and Private Plans for Public Space in Atlanta and Detroit
Committee: Dana White, Adviser; Allen Tullos, Judith Rohrer

Mark Nunes, PhD, Fall 2002
Virtual Topographies: The Internet and the Spaces of Everyday Life
Committee: Cynthia Patton, Adviser; Allen Tullos, John Johnston

John Richardson, PhD, Fall 2002
Green Chain: Work in a Western Mill
Committee: Robert Paul, Adviser; Ivan Karp, Cory Kratz

Brant Vogel, PhD, Fall 2002
Weather Prediction in Early Modern England
Committee: Edna Bay, Adviser; Shigehisa Kuriyama, Robert Silliman, c. Woodbridge Hickcox

Amy Wood, PhD, Fall 2002
Spectacles of Suffering: Witnessing Lynching in the New South, 1880–1930
Committee: Allen Tullos, Adviser; Catherine Nickerson, Gary Laderman, Dan Carter

Edward Gamarra, PhD, Spring 2002
Comedy and Perversion
Committee: Robert Paul, Adviser; Matthew Bernstein, Angelika Bammer

Calinda Lee, PhD, Spring 2002
Gender, Race, and Class and African American Suburbanization 1837–1999
Committee: Dana White, Adviser; Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Cindy Patton

Dan Madera, PhD, Spring 2002
At Home in the Tropics: American Writers in Latin America
Committee: Daniel Cottem, Adviser; Catherine Nickerson, Thomas Flynn

Lisa Madera, PhD, Spring 2002
The Virgin and the Volcano: Helaing Alliances in the Equadorian Andes
Committee: Paul Courtwright, Adviser; Angelika Bammer, Robert Paul, Ellen Schattschneider

Krista Thompson, PhD, Spring 2002
The Picturesque and the Aesthetics and Politics of Space: Jamaica and Bahamas
Committee: Ivan Karp, Adviser; Judith Bettleheim, Richard Long, Natasha Barnes

Robert Arjet, PhD, Fall 2001
Gunplay: Men, Guns, and the Hollywood Action Film
Committee: Catherine Nickerson, Adviser; Michael Bellesiles, David Cook

Victoria Hesford, PhD, Fall 2001
The Feminist as Lesbian Figure and the Forgetting of the Women's Movement
Committee: Amy Lang, Adviser; Julie Abraham, Angelika Bammer

Angela Cotten, PhD, Summer 2001
Alice Walker and Revolution
Committee: Cris Levenduski, Adviser; Ivan Karp, Thomas Flynn, Mark Sanders

Jean-Marie Dauplaise, PhD, Summer 2001
H.D./D.H. and Textual Healing
Committee: Robert Paul, Adviser; Maximilian Aue, Robert Detweiler, Ronald Schuchard

Michelle Wilkinson, PhD, Summer 2001
Socio-Aesthetics of Black and Puerto Rican Arts Movements, 1962–1982
Committee: Rudolph Byrd, Adviser; Richard Long, Angelika Bammer, Mark Sanders

Michael Kilburn, PhD, Spring 2001
The Czech Underground during Normalization
Committee: Angelika Bammer, Adviser; Walter Adamson, Irena Grudzinska-Gross

Evan Lieberman, PhD, Spring 2001
Slapstick Comedy and American Culture, 1912–1928
Committee: David Cook, Adviser

Sarah Jane Smith, PhD, Spring 2001
Madame Jeanne Guyon and Her Justifications
Committee: Robert Paul, Adviser; Joyce Flueckiger, Judith Miller